Nautical Wedding Invitations

Personalize the Envelopes

All of the personalized wedding invitations found on the site come a complimetary set of white evelopes. Get more from your order, add your own spin to the custom envelopes.

Delicious Treats

Design your own custom wedding reception treats with these easy to customize custom wedding chocolate bars.

1,000s of Options to Pick From

Get access to thousands of incredible designs that have been setup to be customized.

When you’re looking for the biggest selection you can forget the rest. We have picked a comprehensive selection for just about every wedding theme you can imagine. And the Team here at Wedding2K is long from complete! Just take a look at these designs.

The biggest part of a wedding has to be the ceremony! Getting there is a difficult and time intensive amount of organizing that most people involved will gladly forget. Ensure that you get the most beautiful invitations and assorted decorations to make your moment a memorable one when it is finally here.

You are looking at a few of my absolute favorites here! But I don’t intend to say which. Deciding on and editing the wedding invitation is a personal and happy experience. What makes it special is the fact you have taken part in the design of the invites that your guests will see. Imagine their faces, reactions and delight when they find the invitation you have chosen, edited, then mailed for your once in a life time. Rewarding since you know only you have sent out this wedding invitation. And the best part about the entire design process is quick. You will not have to spend days, or even hours modifying your wedding invitations.

Most invitation is made with you in mind. The designs are simple to customize and the final product is, well, we will think you’ll agree, they are. If you are unhappy with the texture of the paper, the print you may return the invitations. With the 100% satisfaction guarantee you may send the order back for a refund, exchange or credit, refund or exchange.